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  1. Used for building/running a TIER Shibb-IdP container without the TIER VM

    Shell 2 3 Built by @pcaskey @jgasper @chubing
  2. Shell 2 Built by @bigfleet @chubing @pcaskey
  3. All related playbooks to manage Docker and its CI/CD pipeline

    Shell 2 Built by @chubing @pcaskey @bigfleet @dshafer @ij
  4. Internet2 managed CentOS 7 base image

    Shell 2 Built by @bigfleet @pcaskey
  5. Grouper Docker images

    Shell 2 1 Built by @chubing @bigfleet @jgasper @pcaskey
  6. Terraform module for creating an AWS EKS cluster

    HCL 1 Built by @dshafer
  7. Useful queries of Salesforce using SQL readonly replica (ask Steve Zoppi if you need access to that)

    1 Built by @nroy
  8. TypeScript 1 Built by @rmathis @jmuramoto @jj
  9. InCommon MDA deployment

    XSLT 1 Built by @iay
  10. Java 1 Built by @chubing @ethan
  11. Shell 1 1 Built by @chubing
  12. Contains default release config for the tomcat installation in the TIER Shibboleth-IdP distribution

    1 Built by @pcaskey
  13. Probe a Shibboleth IdP deployment to determine software version

    Shell 1
  14. Simulation of the appliance administrator experience

    Shell 1 Built by @bigfleet @chubing
  15. Workspace that validates appliance grouper build

    Shell 1 Built by @bigfleet @chubing
  16. MariaDB Docker image

    Shell 1 1 Built by @bigfleet
  17. HTTPS proxy with Apache

    Shell 1 Built by @bigfleet
  18. Configuration trees for Shibboleth IDP

    1 Built by @bigfleet
  19. Apache, mysql client libs, PHP

    Shell 1 Built by @bigfleet
  20. Utility scripts to support Docker container development and management

    Shell 1 Built by @bigfleet
  21. Configuration tree supporting Docker container construction for Shibboleth IDP containers

    Shell 1 Built by @bigfleet @pcaskey @chubing
  22. Packaging instructions for VM appliances

    Shell 1 Built by @bigfleet @pcaskey @chubing
  23. COmanage Docker containers

    Shell 1 Built by @chubing
  24. Shibboleth IDP container construction

    Shell 1 Built by @pcaskey @bigfleet @chubing
  25. COmanage Project Docker Files